Digital Diagnostics


Acute Inpatient Monitoring

We provide the comprehensive suite of cardiac services necessary to manage the health of patients who require extended, complex, medical care.

Fully-managed Acute Inpatient Monitoring Services

  • 24/7 immediate event notification
  • Cardiac rhythm, blood pressure, and SPO2 monitoring
  • Fully customizable reports
  • 24/7 clinical support center
  • Physician rhythm strip access via smartphone, tablet, or laptop (Optional) 
  • Customizable EMR integrations (Optional) 
  • LMS training support (Optional)

Industry-leading Patient Safety and Quality Control Standards

  • Our proprietary operational excellence procedures for reducing alarm fatigue are known throughout the industry
  • Rigorous adherence to AHA and Duke monitoring standards to ensure accurate and timely notification of all events outside of normal limits
  • All techs certified via CRAT or NHA and all techs supervised by a clinical director with an MS in electrophysiology or equivalent
  • Gain peace of mind with your patient cardiac data from backing up your data in multiple PHI-controlled servers around the country

Fast, Seamless, Straightforward Implementation

  • We schedule a brief introductory call with your team to understand any site-specific needs/requirements and conduct a 1-hour onsite survey. From there, we can install our minimal data room equipment and go live in one day
  • Once live, we fully manage your telemetry program, while maintaining a mirror connection to your existing screens, so you never lose visibility as we are monitoring

Complete Customization

  • Report Content
  • Report Frequency and Delivery Method (Email, Fax, EMR, etc.)
  • Alert Criteria and Escalation Protocols
  • (Optional) EMR integrations
  • Whatever you need!

Immediate Results

  • Free-up facility staff, enabling them to assist directly in patient care
  • Actively reduce Cardiac ACT Rate by eliminating false positives
  • Improve patient outcomes by providing earlier interventions
  • Eliminate call outs and HR issues 
  • Significant cost savings

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