Digital Diagnostics


People & Roles

Our team members come from a wide range of backgrounds within healthcare, and together, we attack cardiac morbidities on every front.

ECG Technicians hold the frontline leadership role in the early detection and diagnosis of arrhythmias and other critical conditions for a diverse patient population. Ever watchful, Digital Diagnostics ECG technicians learn every method to anticipate the precursors of lethal rhythms. Providing pivotal information to nurses and physicians, Digital Diagnostics ECG technicians undertake a meticulous approach to ensure accurate data collection and analysis.

Shift Supervisors wear multiple hats in their role in frontline operations for an 8-hour Digital Diagnostics shift. As mentors, shift supervisors help to train new techs and ensure the technicians on their shift have all the resources they need to perform. As turnover facilitators, shift supervisors ensure communication lines are kept fully open between shifts. As watch leaders, shift supervisors ensure important new hospital customer service requests are implemented on their shift.

Assistant Clinical Directors are operations leaders who provide clinical guidance to operations teams and lead operations support functions such as Quality Assurance, Procedural Development, and Regulatory Compliance. Assistant Clinical Directors also assist, and provide operational backup for, the site Clinical Director.

Clinical Directors manage operations at a Digital Diagnostics Control Center. They are responsible for fostering a culture of excellence and continuous learning at their facility and rigorously upholding clinical standards and best practices through industry-leading recruitment, training, and mentorship programs. Clinical Directors also assist senior leadership with important customer relationships.