Digital Diagnostics


Long-term Acute Care

Your Dedicated, 24/7, Telemetry Department

Improve your quality of care, never have to deal with telemetry call outs again, and unburden your nursing staff filling in for ECG techs, while realizing immediate, significant, cost savings.

Fully-managed LTAC Cardiac Monitoring Services

  • 24/7 immediate event notification
  • Cardiac rhythm, blood pressure, and SPO2 monitoring
  • Fully customizable reports
  • 24/7 clinical support center
  • Physician rhythm strip access via smartphone, tablet, or laptop (Optional) 
  • Customizable EMR integrations (Optional) 
  • LMS training support (Optional)

Industry-leading Patient Safety and Quality Control Standards

  • Our proprietary operational excellence procedures for reducing alarm fatigue are known throughout the industry
  • Rigorous adherence to AHA and Duke monitoring standards to ensure accurate and timely notification of all events outside of normal limits
  • All techs certified via CRAT or NHA and all techs supervised by a clinical director with an MS in electrophysiology or equivalent
  • Gain peace of mind with your patient cardiac data from backing up your data in multiple PHI-controlled servers around the country

Fast, Seamless, Straightforward Implementation

  • We schedule a brief introductory call with your team to understand any site-specific needs/requirements and conduct a 1-hour onsite survey. From there, we can install our minimal data room equipment and go live in one day
  • Once live, we fully manage your telemetry program, while maintaining a mirror connection to your existing screens, so you never lose visibility as we are monitoring

Complete Customization

  • Report Content
  • Report Frequency and Delivery Method (Email, Fax, EMR, etc.)
  • Alert Criteria and Escalation Protocols
  • (Optional) EMR integrations
  • Whatever you need!

Immediate Results

  • Free-up facility staff, enabling them to assist directly in patient care
  • Actively reduce Cardiac ACT Rate by eliminating false positives
  • Improve patient outcomes by providing earlier interventions
  • Eliminate call outs and HR issues 
  • Significant cost savings

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