Enhance the Care in Your Facility & Contact Digital Diagnostics for Your Telemetry Needs Today!

Why Digital Diagnostics?

Never Worry About A Distracted Staff

Our sole purpose is monitoring cardiac telemetry, so our certified technicians are always 100% focused on your patients. Our employees are also work 8 hour shifts not 12 and are required to take mandatory breaks of 30 min for every 4 hours on the floor, effectively eliminating alarm fatigue that may be experienced by cardiac monitoring technicians working in hospitals.

Save sometimes over 60% Off Your Current FTE exposure for that position.

Telemetry departments can be an overbearing cost on facilities. From expensive  staffing, training, last minute call outs, RN having to cover the shift! Never have a call out again, never have a HR issue, no benefits required nothing but our hourly cost which covers that expense all in.

Certified Technicians

Our cardiac monitoring technicians are required to pass the same certification exams administered in major hospitals. Our employees are also Certified Rhythm Analysis Technicians (CRAT), meaning that we are more than qualified to ensure the best quality cardiac monitoring for your patients.

Complete Customization

We understand that each facility has their own specific needs. We customize our approach to patient monitoring based upon facility requirements. From reporting schedules to patient-specific monitoring parameters, allow us to provide our services made to best accommodate you!

Reports Tailored to Your Facility

All facilities and cardiology groups have various requirements for what is included in our routine and cardiac event reports. We can alter our reports, included data, report schedule, and delivery method to best accommodate your facility’s needs.

100% Compliant At All Times

Our company is here to serve you. We will stop at nothing to provide world-class customer service, and will assist your facility and staff in any and every way possible.

Our Services.

In addition to live cardiac monitoring, we also provide services including transtelphonic pacemaker checks, event monitor checks, and holter study analysis. Allow us to service all of your cardiac needs!

Telemetry Supplementary Services

Many facilities utilize their own cardiac monitoring equipment, but often have to deal with an overflow of patients needing telemetry. Using our supplementary monitoring devices, we can help to accommodate increased patient populations, all while still abiding by facility-specific requirements.

Remote Cardiac Telemetry

Using our portable cardiac monitoring devices, we can monitor your patients from our state-of-the art office. From coast to coast, we can provide world-class cardiac telemetry services allowing your staff to focus on other aspects of patient care.


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