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In addition to live cardiac monitoring, we also provide services including transtelphonic pacemaker checks, event monitor checks, and holter study analysis. Allow us to service all of your cardiac needs!

What Is telemetry?

Cardiac Telemetry, or long term cardiac monitoring, is essential for detecting rate and rhythm changes in a patient’s ECG. Cardiac Telemetry is essential for the detection and treatment of dangerous arrhythmias and other comorbidities, thus improving quality of care and overall patient outcomes.

How DD Imaging Works?

We are a 100% remote monitoring company watching patients nationwide from our state-of the-art monitoring center.  Our certified technicians’ sole focus is cardiac telemetry, monitoring patients 24 hours a day. We reach out to all facilities within minutes to provide real time data to cardiologists and nursing staff, so you don’t have to worry about heart rates and rhythms. Using our technology, we can effectively manage, or even replace your facility’s telemetry department.

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals VS Rehabilitation Hospitals

Long term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) are specialized facilities that provide care for patients who are seriously ill and need care on an ongoing basis, but do not necessarily need to be in an acute care hospital or intensive care unit. These patients are typically under supervision for an average of 30 days. Rehabilitation hospitals are specialized facilities devoted to restoring patients’ functionality once their acute medical issues have been stabilized. Our services are beneficial in both settings as medical staff can closely monitor cardiac performance to gauge the effectiveness of treatment and prevent patient deterioration, and reduce the risk of cardiac emergencies.

Remote Cardiac Telemetry

Using our portable cardiac monitoring devices, we can monitor your patients from our state-of-the art office. From coast to coast, we can provide world-class cardiac telemetry services allowing your staff to focus on other aspects of patient care.

Telemetry Supplementary Services

Many facilities utilize their own cardiac monitoring equipment, but often have to deal with an overflow of patients needing telemetry. Using our supplementary monitoring devices, we can help to accommodate increased patient populations, all while still abiding by facility-specific requirements.

Pacemaker Checks

Our trained staff is skilled in performing transtelephonic pacemaker checks for many nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the nation. Allow us to test your patients’ pacemakers today!

Holter Study Analysis

Holter studies are a valuable tool utilized by physicians to help determine if their patients suffer from various cardiac arrhythmias. In some cases, there may be delay in the arrival of the study’s results, wasting valuable time that the patient could have been treated. Our holter department is skilled in expediting analysis and results, getting your facility its reports sooner.

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